Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions which our potential clients constantly pose. Please take a moment to read through these questions.

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What services do you provide?

MikaSC's service portfolio consists of Financial Statements, Management Accounts, Payroll, SARS Returns & Assessments, VAT, CIPS Secretarial Services, Labour Registration, Returns and Assessments, Formation of Companies, BEE Certification and CIDB Registration and Grading. So whether you require an expert to take care of your books of accounts, want a customized accounting system, need to process payroll payments or any other services mentioned above, we can help.

Why is MikaSC's Solutions a better option than my current method of accounting / bookkeeping?

Having an in-house accounting and bookkeeping department is a time consuming and expensive option. With MikaSC in the picture, you can avoid the hassles related to hiring, training and retention while saving up to 40% on costs. Our solutions are completely scalable, letting you increase or decrease your workload at any time.

If I already have an accounting staff, why do I need MikaSC?

Our accounting and bookkeeping solutions have the potential to save you the time, effort and expenses related to hiring in-house staff for your accounting functions. Even if you do not want to completely replace your in-house staff, we can take care of major accounting functions, so you can channel the resources you save to other aspects of your business. Our services can serve to bridge any gap in your existing staff’s area of expertise.

How qualified is the MikaSC staff?

MikaSC provides a team of accounting professionals with a level of expertise not normally found in small businesses. We have experienced SAICA staff as well as experienced accountants and bookkeepers. We also offer regular training and development programs to all of our employees.

If I hire you, what happens to my current accounting staff or accountant?

We have the capability to manage all of your accounting and bookkeeping. You can decide whether to use our services for part or all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. You can retain your existing staff and hire us to assist with areas in which you require additional expertise or bandwidth.

What type of training do you provide to me and my staff?

We provide one on one, in-person training to you and your staff for all the software required for your financials, enabling you to easily send us your financial documents.



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